Access Keys

Access Keys are the primary way to to authenticate your API calls and they can be created and managed through setting on the Tune Studio dashboard.

  1. Click on the top right side where your organization name is shown
  2. Go to Organization settings then Access Keys Under My Account
  3. You will find the option to create an Access key there
  4. Access keys can be used with the X-Tune-Key header in API calls

Access Keys inherit the same permissions as the user role by default.

These can be found in Access Keys

Authenticating Model API

To authenticate with the Models API you use the same Access Keys that that we talked about in the above section but to maintain compatibility with existing tools and libraries that support Open AI the models API take the Access Keys in the Authorization header

Take a look at the Chat API for example of the Authorization header

API Authentication to Tune Studio

The same Access Keys are used to authenticate for Studio API calls. The Access Keys are passed in the X-Tune-Key header in the API calls.

You can find an example of that in the Deploying section under the API tab on the Models page.

Default Organization

If you haven’t changed this manually this is the organisation that you first joined tune studio with and is used by default in a lot of actions including the organization. When you are making API calls from another organization you need specify the x-org-id header in your API calls.

This can be found in Organisation Settings.